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Using Interpretive Methods in Qualitative Research

The CEU Campus
Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 5:20 pm

CEU Interpretive Reasearch Forum

cordially invites you to a round-table with

Sara Svensson (SPP, CEU)
Uwe Pütter (SPP, CEU)
Daniel Monterescu (Sociology, CEU)


Using Interpretive Methods in qualitative research

Moderated by Eva Zemandl and Stefan Roch

This event aims to bridge all possible CEU departments and help create a community of methodologically like-minded researchers to share ideas, experiences and practices. The round-table is only the starting point for further events, including methods workshops, software presentations and field-discussions, aimed at strengthening the exchange and awareness of qualitative methods at CEU.

For further detail, please contact Eva Zemandl or Stefan Roch via groupwise.

Also visit our Facebook page for more information on previous and future events ("CEU Interpretive Research Forum").