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Will Kymlicka - Solidarity in Diverse Societies: Beyond Neoliberal Multiculturalism and Welfare Chauvinism

Thursday, February 11, 2016, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Central European University

Nationalism Studies Program

cordially invites you to a lecture by

Will Kymlicka

Queen's University and Central European University

Solidarity in Diverse Societies: Beyond Neoliberal Multiculturalism and Welfare Chauvinism

In the postwar period, projects of social justice have often drawn upon ideas of national solidarity, calling upon shared national identities to mobilize support for the welfare state. Several commentators have argued that increasing immigration, and the multiculturalism policies it often gives rise to, weaken this sense of national solidarity. This creates a potential “progressive’s dilemma”, forcing a choice between solidarity and diversity. My aim in this paper is two-fold: first, to argue for the importance of national solidarity as a progressive political resource; and second, to discuss how it can be reconciled with support for immigration and multiculturalism. I will try to identify the prospects for a multicultural national solidarity – a multicultural welfare state, if you will – and to contrast it with the two obvious alternatives: a neoliberal multiculturalism that champions mobility and diversity at the expense of national solidarity; and a welfare chauvinism that champions national solidarity at the expense of immigrants and minorities.

Thursday, 11 February at 6 p.m.Oktober Hall

Will Kymlicka is the Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy in the Philosophy Department at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, where he has taught since 1998. His research interests focus on issues of democracy and diversity, and in particular on models of citizenship and social justice within multicultural societies. He has published eight books and over 200 articles, which have been translated into 34 languages. He is the co-director, along with Keith Banting, of the Multiculturalism Policy Index project, which monitors the evolution of multiculturalism policies across the Western democracies. He is also a visiting lecturer at the CEU Nationalism Studies Program.