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Unifying Refugee Aid: Documentary Screenings

The CEU Campus
Saturday, February 13, 2016, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

As part of the workshop on Unifying Refugee Aid, SPP invites you to watch three documentaries followed by discussions with the directors.

Documentary filmmakers and photographers bear witness to the stories of those making the crossing into Europe. From detailing human rights abuses to giving the public a realistic face of refugees, media plays a critical role in shaping perceptions of refugees. Four filmmakers from around Europe will show short films, discuss their experiences in the field, and, afterward, seek to answer how media and NGOs can work better together.

Into the Fire: A film about refugees & migrants in Athens, Greece

Post-film discussion led by Kate Mara (Independent Filmmaker)

In times of severe austerity things look bleak for Greek people, but they're far worse for those who have recently arrived. Without housing, legal papers or support, migrants in Greece are faced with increasing and often violent racism at the hands of the growing Nazi party Golden Dawn and the police in Athens. Many are trapped by EU laws and legislation of other EU countries meaning they'd be returned to Greece if they managed to get to another member state, they are desperate to leave the country. This film gives incredible insights to the reality faced by people who simply want to lead peaceful, normal lives.

My Escape From Syria: Europe or Die

Post-film discussion led by Aws Al-Jezairy (Vice News Correspondent)

Ismail, 25, filmed his journey to Germany with 19-year-old Naeem, capturing the most dangerous parts of a perilous trip, including the boat crossing from Turkey to Greece where hundreds of refugees have died this year. In this exclusive footage, VICE News gives an insight into a desperate trek, as Ismail and Naeem give first-hand accounts of their journey, the life they left behind, and their hopes for the future.

4Stelle Hotel Interactive Documentary Project

Post-film discussion led by  Paolo Palermo and Valerio Muscella (Independent Filmmaker & Photographer)

4Stelle Hotel is an interactive web documentary on an abandoned 4-star conference hotel on the outskirts of Rome which is being squatted by 500 occupants, hailing from more than 20 different countries, who are currently experimenting with the creation of a uniquely mixed society and advancing a collective fight for a better future.