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Post-radiation-disaster tourism as the means of mitigation

Academic & Research
The CEU Campus
Thursday, February 18, 2016, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

The Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy invites you to a seminar by
 Sergey Mirnyi Post-radiation-disaster tourism as the means of mitigation

Thursday, 18 February,  17:30, Nador 9, room 609 Radiation catastrophes, paradoxically, can be truly called radiation ones only in regard to their trigger cause. For them (and, as a matter of fact, for the majority of other disasters) the main share of damage is caused by secondary and tertiary – societal and psychological – factors.
After the acute, so-called “CNN stage” of the disaster, a need of economic and psychological recovery and revival of the affected area emerges. Tourism to an already famous/notorious accident site seems to be a necessary and inevitable step in this process. The tourism brings investments to the area (both directly and indirectly, stimulating the state and business activities), restores the infrastructure, provides workplaces and de-stigmatization to the local population, symbolically de-traumatizes the site and mitigation workers’ efforts via rendering sense to the previous mitigation stages by manifesting the site’s return to normality.