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Scientific Pluralism & Epistemic Relativism Workshop

The CEU Campus
Friday, February 19, 2016, 2:00 pm – Saturday, February 20, 2016, 5:30 pm

This workshop brings together Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Researchers from Central European University & The University of Vienna. The main purpose of the workshop is for participants to discuss their on-going projects focused on the topics of scientific pluralism and epistemic relativism. It is also hoped that the workshop will signal the start of longer-term interaction and collaboration between researchers from Vienna and CEU.

The workshop will have professional talks and a Research and Publication (R&P) session. The latter will focus on the know-how that is important for early-career researchers. 

The workshop continues the activities of the Philosophy Research & Publish Lab, an initiative that started in 2015 at CEU, funded by a teaching development grant from the CEU. The R&P-Lab focuses on research tools, writing formats, modes and formats of publication, as well as recently contested issues in research and publication such as implicit biases, the social exclusiveness of philosophy, models of peer-review, as well as alternative publishing outlets.

As places are limited in the workshop if you would like to participate please send an email to Matthew Baxendale (


Friday, 19, Februray
14:00-15:00 Matthew Baxendale What’s Wrong with the Principle of Sufficient Explanation: Marathon-Running & Bee-Keeping
15:00-16:00 Natalie Ashton Extended Rationality & Epistemic Relativism
cofee break
16:30-18:00 Maria Kronfeldner Research & Publication Session: How to excel in Philosophy – Raw Brilliance as Exclusion Mechanism
Saturday, 20 Februray
12:00-13:00 Michele Luchetti Scientific Pluralism & the Relativised a Priori: Any Prospects for Conciliation?
13:00-14:00 Katherina Anna Sodoma Alethic Pluralism & Relativism
15:00-16:00 Anne-Katherine Koch Relativism from a Deflationist Perspective
coffee break
16:30-17:30 Tom Fery Semantic Relativism & Propositions