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Yugoslav Youth Counter-Cultures

The CEU Campus
Thursday, March 10, 2016, 3:30 pm

This lecture explores the counter-cultural activities and production of the Yugoslav socialist youth, indentifies the specific ideological and institutional context in which they evolved and sketch out the contemporary debates that surrounded them.

Marko Zubak graduated history and philosophy at the Zagreb’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. He received his MA in Central and East European History at the Central European University in Budapest and his PhD at the same university with the thesis “Yugoslav Youth Press: Student Movements, Subcultures and Communist Alternative Media (1968-1980)”. He works as a researcher at the Croatian Institute of History. His interests focus on Yugoslav social movements, popular and alternative cultures, media and late socialism at large.

(Public lecture within the course "Counter-Cultures and Power during State Socialism 1960-1990")