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Preparing Current and Future Generations for Climate and Global Changes Through Quality Education Event

Monday, March 21, 2016, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

The Antall József Knowledge Centre, Central European University, the Hungarian Sustainable University Network and the US Embassy in Hungary

cordially invite you to a lecture on

Preparing Current and Future Generations for Climate and Global Changes Through Quality Education

Date: March 21, 2016  Time: 6:00pm  Location: CEU Auditorium

Welcome remarks by

Ruben Mnatsakanian, Head of the CEU Department of Environmental Sciences adn Policy

Introductory remarks by

Raffi Balian, US Embassy

Lecures by:

  • Mark McCaffrey, Education Consultant: Challenges and Opportunities of Transforming Education
  • Brendan Duprey, REC: Educational Reforms Through the Integration of Sustainable Development Concepts into the Education System in the Western Balkans.

Discussion to follow.

Educational systems globally having been shifting away from the old and outdated method of teaching facts to teaching students 21st century skills and competences. The challenges are considerable. Many nations struggle to fund quality education, and a recent survey of science teachers in the United States published in the journal Science found that most teachers are only spending an hour or two teaching about climate change, and many give their students a mixed message about the severity and causes of recent warming.

In this special presentation, speakers Mark McCaffrey and Brendan Duprey will share their insights into the challenges and opportunities of transforming education to prepare individuals and their communities for known and unexpected climate and other global changes. McCaffrey was a co-author of the US teachers survey and an education consultant who lives in rural Hungary.

Brendan Duprey, a graduate of CEU now working for the Regional Environmental Center in Szentendre, is leading a five year educational programme on educational reforms through the integration of sustainable development concepts into the education system in the Western Balkans.