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Del Duma - Tell Them About Me!

Thursday, March 31, 2016, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Del Duma, Tell them about me!

Del Duma-Tell Them About Me! tells the stories of four Roma women combine with traditional Romani music in a documentary theater performance.
The four women say out loud: "Del Duma, tell them about me!" About the truth of teenage marriage, about what it means to belong to a traditional community and about what happens when you no longer feel you belong there. About the so-called "exoticism" of the Roma women, about stereotypes which remind us that acceptance and diversity are still a long way from becoming reality.

By/ with Mihaela Dragan
Live music: Elena Albu
Director: Liana Ceterchi

Mihaela Drăgan (n. 1986) is a Roma actress, activist and playwright who lives and works in Bucharest. Her performances focus on the connection between theatre, Roma identity and social justice. She is the president of the Roma Actors Association and the president of the board of E-Romnja – The Association for Promoting Roma Women's Rights. In 2014, she founded Giuvlipen Theatre Company, the first Roma feminist theatre group formed by professional actresses of Roma origins in Bucharest. Their latest performance, Gadjo Dildo, talks about sexuality, love, queerness and exotization of Roma women. She studied acting and Romani language and collaborated over the years with Logos Theatre and Theatre for Few in projects that focused on expressionism, eurhythmics and acrobatics.