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The Values of Liberal Democracy: Themes from Joseph Raz's Political Philosophy

Friday, April 15, 2016, 2:00 pm – Saturday, April 16, 2016, 7:00 pm

Few major philosophers would be better suited to address issues about the challenges that liberal democracies and global institutions face today than Joseph Raz. We aim to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his monumental book The Morality of Freedom in this workshop. Having been at the forefront of many challenging philosophical matters, Raz has indeed changed our legal, political, and moral landscape. The finesse and argumentative force of Razs reflections on various topics, such as the nature of law and authority, political obligations, the value of autonomy and the importance of well-being, have made his writings a fertile source for anyone working in jurisprudence or in political and moral philosophy.

Conference Programme

Friday, April 15th


Registration and Welcome


(Venue: Monument Building, Popper Room)

Keynote Address: Joseph Raz (Columbia University, King’s College London)

‘The Democratic Deficit’: Introductory Reflections on the Legitimacy of International Authorities


Coffee Break


(Venue: Monument Building, Gellner Room)

Micha Glaeser (Harvard University, University of Zürich)

Two Concepts of Preemption: Notes on the Raz-Darwall Debate

Kimberley Brownlee (University of Warwick)

The Problems with Participation: Revisiting Civil Disobedience


Conference Dinner: M Étterem, Kertész utca 48

Saturday, April 16th

(Venue: Monument Building, Gellner Room)


Mollie Gerver (London School of Economics)

Denying Services to Prevent Regret

Daniel Viehoff (University of Sheffield)

Serving the Governed



Ezequiel Horacio Monti (King’s College London)

The Authority of Law, Accountability and Protected Reasons

Christopher Bennett (University of Sheffield)

Authority, Democracy and the Tribunal


Lunch Break



Bouke de Vries (European University Institute)

Perfectionism á la Carte

Steven Wall (University of Arizona)

Autonomy as a Perfection


Coffee Break



Michael Jewkes (KU Leuven)

Political Equality or Social Control: A Razian Approach to Rethinking the Value of Democracy

Zoltan Miklosi (Central European University)

Autonomy and Distributive Equality


Closing Remarks