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International Students of History Association (ISHA)

The CEU Campus
Thursday, May 12, 2016, 5:30 pm

We are glad to announce that the International Students of History Association (ISHA) will hold its New Year Seminar of 2017 in Budapest and in co-operation with the CEU. ISHA – as its name suggests – is a self-governed community of students of history and related fields. Our main aim is to form a European community of both professional and friendly natures on this basis.

The aforementioned seminar – held between 9th–15th January 2017 – will be organized around the topics of ’Xenophobia and Solidarity’. On 12th May, we will represent its aims and workshops on the CEU. The latter will deal with the topics of 1) Xenophobia in Movies 2) The Power of Propaganda 3) Anti-Judaism and Antisemitism 4) Inter-ethnic relationships 5) Liberation and Occupation 6) Migration and Integration 7) Otherness as a Form of Exoticism. Both the seminar and the workshops are free to join – and at 17:30 on 12th May, we will provide a sneak peak into our related concepts and ideas!

In case you are interested, please inform us through or on phone: +36-20-367-9001.

the team of ISHA Budapest