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Department of Cognitive Science - Research Progress Workshop 2016

The CEU Campus
Thursday, June 2, 2016, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

CEU Department of Cognitive Science

Research Progress Workshop

The PhD students of the department present their work to anyone interested.

Thursday, June 2, 2016
Room 101, First Floor, Október 6. utca 7.
Budapest 1051


Session 1 (chair Arianna Curioni)

  • 9.30 Oanna Stanciu: Primacy in optimal learning
  • 10.00 Luke McEllin: Investigating sensorimotor communication of demonstration and coordination.
  • 10.30 Nazli Altinok: What is rational about faithfully copying sub-efficient actions? 

11.00 Coffee Break

Session 2 (chair Hanna Marno)

  • 11.30 Gabor Lengyel: Generalization between visual and haptic statistics
  • 12.00 Eszter Szabo: Nonverbal representation of the absence of objects
  • 12.30 Johannes Mahr: Remembering commitments: the role of episodic memory in strategic social interaction

 13.00 Lunch

Session 3 (chair John Michael)

  • 14.00 Gabor Brody: Infants' object representations: studies that didn't work, others that will
  • 14.30 Mia Karabegovic: Perspective-Taking in Impression Management: The Efficiency of Advertizing Prosociality
  • 15.00 Liza Vorobyova: Young infants’ teleological representations of cooperative versus competitive goal-pursuit

 15.30 Coffee Break

Session 4 (chair Cordula Vesper)

  • 16.00 Thomas Wolf: How do experts adapt to novices in joint music performance?
  • 16.30 Laura Schmitz: Effects of task co-representation on joint movement coordination

17.00 End

Everyone is welcome to attend the whole workshop or selected presentations.
No registration is necessary.