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Night of Museums at Blinken OSA

The CEU Campus
Saturday, June 25, 2016, 4:00 pm – Sunday, June 26, 2016, 1:00 am

Vera and Blinken Open Society Archives

Night of Museums, June 25, 2016


16:00-00:55  Olympics and Politics - BERLIN / BARCELONA 1936


Exhibition in Galeria Centralis

In the summer of 1936, two European cities planned to host major sports events. While Berlin was preparing for the Games of the XI Olympiad, Barcelona was getting ready for the Olimpíada Popular (Popular Olympic Games, The People’s Olympics, or: the Workers’ Olympics). The latter was intended to offer an alternative to the highly controversial Olympic Games organized by the Nazi regime. Using archival sources (newsreel footage, films, photos, etc.), the exhibition presents the two-week spectacle of the Berlin Games and also the Workers’ Olympics in Barcelona and other cities to examine how these international sporting events became the terrains for ideological and physical battles in the heavily politicized 1930s.


19.00 – Olympics and politics on the Piste: Remembering Ilona Elek and Endre Kabos

 Saxophone player, János Vázsonyi, improvises on the topic of the Olympics

Screening the private film “Richárd Deutsch: My Journey in Germany, 1936”

(Excerpt from Richárd Deutsch’s collection, Photographs and Home Movies Collection of Privát Fotó és Film Alapítvány deposited with Blinken OSA by Márton Kurutz film archeologist)


Fencing Show:

 In memory of Ilona Elek and Endre Kabos, two extraordinary Hungarian fencers, Katalin Varga, Fruzsina Gólya, Zsolt Nemcsik and Kende Fodor will show men's saber fencing and women's foil fencing.

 Judge: Etele Ravasz


21:00 -  Musical Background – GARPO


Film screening and musical improvisation


Repeated screening of the private film “Richárd Deutsch: My Journey in Germany, 1936”


Partners: Goethe Institute, Cervantes Institute