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Terra Profonda

Thursday, September 22, 2016, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The band was founded in Budapest in September of 2012. The compositions of the trio consist of tunes that come from the fertile lap of blues, jazz and folk music. Which all twist around visionary poems. If improvisation and free musical processes are considered free music, it can be stated that the band tends to play free several times although they characteristically write conventional songs . As the name of the group suggests, earth and close to earth sound and approach are crucial regarding their music. For want of better the whole of lyrical and musical compositions can be described as dramatic blues.

The songs give place to downtrodden sailors, sworn and rambling lovers, startled horses, scarred, berserk wayfarers, mad, edgy, flown Eastern European family men among others who all spread out in the night. As moths on strung up sheets they all swarm in the world of Terra Profonda.

Members of the band:

Krisztián Kiss – koboz, tenor sax, irish bouzouki

Mátyás Szabó – guitar, bass guitar

Vincenzo Lo Buglio - vocals


Admission is free!