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TANGO Workshop

Judit and Lucas
Monday, October 3, 2016, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

TANGO Workshop

Led by two professional tango dancers: Lucas (Argentina) & Judit (Hungary)

Apart from a class where you will get familiar with the basics of this unique dance you'll get an introduction to the culture of tango, habits and unwritten rules, anecdotes and a little bit of history. You can also try the special Argentine mate (tea) and if you'd like there might be a short performance, too.

Judit, born in Budapest, was trained in Hungary, but driven by her passion for tango, she has been visiting Buenos Aires over and over again. While living there, she learnt the language as a side effect of the constant improvement of her dancing skills. Lucas, son of a family of artists and dancers, started to dance at the age of 12 with his sister in Buenos Aires. He was trained by the most renowned masters and he won numerous competitions. He was invited to Europe, the U.S. and China, and worked in some of the most famous tango movies, like 'Evita' and the cultic 'The Tango Lesson'. Judit, in the meantime in Budapest, got opportunities to perform at such prominent venues as the National Dance Theatre or the Opera House. She founded her own school, and has been touring around Europe for a couple of years.

2014 was the year when Lucas and Judit finally met and had their first but definitely not last dance together in Buenos Aires. From 2014 they pass on all the experience they lived through individually and what they’ve transformed into a whole new universe by connecting their expertise and passion for Argentine tango. After just a couple of months of working together they already performed in various tango nights and festivals in Buenos Aires (as El Yeite Tango Festival and the prestigious C.I.T.A). After that they were also invited together to the most different cities thoughout Europe. This year they launched the theatre show "Tango Sztori" in Budapest together with the famous opera singer László Domahidy.

Ingyenes alkalom / Free of charge.

Regisztráció október 26-ig / Registration until October 26