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9th In-house Graduate Philosophy Conference

Friday, November 4, 2016, 9:00 am – Saturday, November 5, 2016, 7:00 pm

9th In-House Philosophy Graduate Conference

The purpose of the event is to give students the chance to present and discuss their research and learn about each other's work. It also provides us with the perfect opportunity to welcome our new students.

Friday, 4 November 2016
Room N15 202 Room N15 203
10:00–10:50 Keep calm and carry on: Sextus Empiricus on the origins of Pyrrhonism
Mate Veres (Chair: Istvan Bodnar)
11:00–11:50 The object of phantasia - Alexander of Aphrodisias
Attila Hangai (Chair: Istvan Bodnar)
Epistemic asymmetries, 'architectural' principles, and the web-metaphor - How to understand constitutive principles under scientific pluralism
Michele Luchetti (Chair: Maria Kronfeldner)
Coffee break
12:10-13:00 Knowledge of the Posture and Movements of One's Body
Ehsan Shafiee (Chair: Hanoch Ben-Yami)
Kant’s Conceptualism and Nonconceptualism
Alin-Paul Varciu (Chair: Ferenc Huoranszki)
Lunch break
15:00-15:50 Habit Acquisition and the Mind-Body Problem
James Cartlidge (Chair: Mike Griffin)
A Case against Philosophers' Hallucinations (and Sense-Data)
Marius Jakstas (Chair: Hanoch Ben-Yami)
16:00-16:50 Berkeley's voluntarist conception of nature
David Bartha (Chair: Mike Griffin)
Fixing the ‘Information’ in Integrated Information Theory
Garrett Mindt (Chair: Ferenc Huoranszki)
Coffee break
17:15-18:45 Keynote Address - N15 Quantum Room 101
Maria Kronfeldner (CEU)
Time to stop talking about human nature?
19:00 Welcome to New Students and Wine Reception
Saturday, 5 November 2016
10:00–10:50 A Defence of Having Children
Andrew Pearson (Chair: Simon Rippon)

Are Seemings Representations?

Andrea Csillag (Chair: Howard Robinson)


Problems of HOT Theory of Consciousness: Misrepresentation
Caglan Cinar Dilek (Chair: Howard Robinson)

Coffee break
12:10–13:00 The Human Right to Care
Marko Konjovic (Chair: Emma Bullock)                             
Is the mind really nonmodular?
David Bitter (Chair: Philip Goff)
Lunch break
14:40–15:30 Did Spinoza disperse the cloud over the mind of Maimonides?
Zsofia Gode (Chair: David Weberman)
Brute Regularities in answer to Counterfactual Grounding Problem for Phenomenalism
Melvin Freitas (Chair: Philip Goff)
15:40–16.30 Fiction Cannot Be True
Laszlo Kajtar (Chair: David Weberman)

What does strongly naturalized phenomenology achieved in cognitive sciences?

Katsiaryna Suryna (Chair: Maria Kronfeldner)