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Monastic Gardens

Monday, December 5, 2016, 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm

The Cultural Heritage Studies Programinvites you to a workshop on: MONASTIC GARDENS(Environmental Heritage and Landscape: Protection, Policy and Management course presentations)Monday, 5 December15.30-19.00N15 Quantum 101 ProgramÇiçek Dereli - The Byzantine Eden. An Ekphrastic and Archaeological Hunt for the Ghost of a Living Heritage      Arman Yeghoyan - The Exiled Guardians of Armenian Identity, their Monastery on Isle of San Lazzaro (Venice) and its GardensYananiso Maposa - Medievality in Motion. The Met CloistersAnisa Duraj - Medieval Cloister on Paradise Island. Reconstructed Cloister with Medieval Monastic Ruins from the Pyrenees to the BahamasTokelo Mapena - When Nature Intersects with Human in the Heart of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. The Mariannhill Monastery Tea GardensMohammed Faisal - From Spiritual Gardens to Forest Farms:  A View from Two Contemplative CommunitiesJoseph Pieterson - The Hushed Garden by the Sandstone Outcrop Klára Nagy - Great Success on a Small Scale – The Benedictines of Bakonybél 17.30-19.00 Mihaela Groza - Where God Made the Moon Stand Still: The Latrun Monastery in IsraelAleksandar Pantic - Remembrance On Future in the Gardens of God. Mount Athos Monastic Communities Garden and Environmental HeritageGeorgios Lamprakoulis - The St. Naum Monastery and the "Holy" PeacocksDea Gigauri - The Fallow to Plant a Soul – Bodbe MonasteryVera Budai - Beauty from Another World? – The Stone Garden at Ryoan-ji       Jan Nowicki - Hidden from the City: Monastic Gardens of Warsaw Escarpment Zsófia Maróti - Ora et Labora! The Handmade Products of the Benedictine Abbeys of Pannonhalma and TihanyBorbála Kálmán - A Conservatoire for Medieval Plants: Revival is Never Too LateCaroline Gurevich - How to Grow a Watermelon in the Arctic Climate: The Case of the Makarievskaya HermitageAleksandra Ćwik - Prayer, Work and the Smell of Hops. Andechs Abbey in Upper Bavaria, Germany