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The politicization of European integration

Thursday, December 8, 2016, 5:20 pm – 7:00 pm

The politicization of European integration  

 CEUR Guest lecture by Hanspeter Kriesi

Chair: Uwe Puetter

In this lecture, I shall argue that the politicization of European integration is not only time-dependent, but also embedded in national political conflict structures which vary systematically between three European regions – the Northwest, the South and the East of Europe. In order to understand the impact of contemporary crisis conditions on the politicization of European integration, we have to take into account, how these crisis conditions are linked to the underlying region-specific national conflict structures. Given the different national conflict structures, and given the different types of crises experienced by the populations of the three regions, the type of politicization of European integration is shown to be very different from one region to the other with important implications for the impact of the recent economic crises on the perspectives of the politicization of European integration.

Hanspeter Kriesi holds the Stein Rokkan Chair in Comparative Politics at the European University Institute in Florence. Previously, he has been teaching at the universities of Amsterdam, Geneva and Zurich. His wide ranging research interests include the study of various aspects of democracy, the transformation of Eurpean party systems, political communication, political mobilization and opinion formation. His recent books include (together with Edgar Grande, Swen Hutter and colleagues) Politicizing Europe. Integration and Mass Politics (2016), Political Conflict in Western Europe (2012) and West European Politics in the Age of Globalization (2008), (together with Monica Ferrìn and colleagues) How Europeans View and Evaluate Democracy (2016), (together with Takis S. Pappas and colleagues) European Populism in the Shadow of the Great Recession (2015), (together with Pablo Beramendi, Silja Häusermann, Herbert Kitschelt and colleagues) The Politics of Advanced Capitalism (2015). He was the director of a Swiss national research programme on the “Challenges to democracy in the 21st century” from 2005-2012.

Download the lecture poster here.