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European Affairs jobs, Recruitment System of the EU and the EPSO applications

Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

“Careers in the EU / European Affairs” 

European Affairs jobs, Recruitment System of the EU and the EPSO applications  - Presentation

Presenter: Andras Baneth from Brussels

Andras has 15 years of experience on EU affairs in Brussels & Luxembourg, runs various EU training and other projects, familiar with EU institutional law and regulatory procedures and is an expert on European Union decision-making & lobbying.  Author of Europe's no.1 best-seller book on EU (EPSO) exams, Andras is the founder and senior partner at Online EU Training (Arboreus) as well as Managing Director of European Office Public Affairs Council.

Topics include:

  • Types of jobs in the EU Affairs industry 
  • Types of positions in the EU
  • EPSO and the EU recruitment system A-Z
  • The exam procedure: tests and the assessment center
  • Requirements: languages, qualifications, work experience

The company behind Online EU Training, Arboreus, is one of Europe's most dynamically developing innovative e-learning companies, offering professional online training on European Union policies and EU Careers. Their clients include European graduates, EU and national officials, managers, job seekers, Brussels professionals and others.

(The program will be streamed, you may connect online if you are not on campus)


About  “CAREERS IN…” event series:
Aiming at introducing different professional areas and their job opportunities, the “Careers in…” programs will be held in colorful formats throughout the year.