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CEU Business School Info Session

University Life
Thursday, February 2, 2017, 5:10 pm




N15 103


Big Data, Big Brother, Big Challenges: The Ethical Side of Big Data - Chrys Margaritidis

In the era of Big Data, everything is set to improve. From businesses to states to individuals, there many benefits to utilizing Big Data. Businesses can better target customers and offer them products that better suit them. States can improve their penal system and ways that they provide security for their citizens. Individuals can reap the benefits of individualized services.

At the same time, these changes can have unintended and ethically questionable consequences. Some of the questions I will introduce are: Does the price one pays for better services result in less privacy? What does less privacy mean to our identity? Is mass surveillance ethically acceptable? What are the responsibilities for a business, state and individual when it comes to considering and using Big Data processes?

N15 103


Panel Discussion on the CEU Business School Experience with Alumni (including the Talk-A-Bot team of the CEU InnovationsLab

N15 103


CEU Business School Master’s Programs: Brief Facts

Agnes Schram, Manager of Admission and Recruitment

N15 103


Reception to Meet Current Students & Alumni

N15 103


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