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Career Camp: "Start from your Strengths" Workshop

Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

CEU students are kindly invited to join "Start from your Strengths" Workshop during CEU's Career Camp. 

This session is about identifying your individual strengths and applying this self-knowledge in the job search and application process.

Session participants will bring with them to the workshop a small selection of “achievement stories” (more about brief “pre-work” assignment below).

During the course of the workshop, we will briefly examine guidelines for self-assessment and discuss tactics for identifying your top skills and strengths and for making it clear to employers that you are the person they are looking for.

The core activity in this session is a storytelling exercise. The insights you gain will inform your job search moving forward. The session also includes specific tips on incorporating these insights into application materials including CVs/resumes, cover letters, and personal statements.

Pre-Work: Session participants will be required to complete a brief assignment before the session. This involves writing three “achievement stories” and should take no more than 60 minutes. The achievement stories worksheet will be sent to you after you sign up. Participants are asked to commit to bringing the complete achievement stories worksheet to the session, as otherwise it will be difficult to take advantage of the information presented.

Facilitators: Ann Gagliardi and Marija Stojanovska-Rupcic, SPP Career Services and Alumni Relations

Registration deadline: February 10, 2017

Career Camp is a week full of career development programs that will help you kick start working on your career goals. Sessions are designed to tackle the most pressing career related questions and topics that you may face while starting your job search. From longer workshops that deepen to a specific topic, to “grab and go” style lunch break info sessions, every CEU student can find a program that fits into his/her interest area.
This year’s topics: Personality and Career, Self-Assessment, Job Search Strategy, Job Search in the UK, CV Writing, Interview Skills, LinkedIn and a special CV Photo Shoot.
Date: between 13-17 February, 2017
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