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The Use of Theater

Academic & Research
Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Theatre originates from the Greeks who also 'invented' democracy. But even if it had a social/political purpose then does it still have that function today?

This workshop will offer you an insight into the different social and educational uses of theatre today. And it will offer one example of a theatre in education program exploring social narratives for participants to experience and use as a way in to thinking about drama and theatre.

The play we will be working with Benched (Kispad in Hungarian) a monodrama written by Chris Cooper that is performed in the classroom accompanied by an interactive program. It addresses the issues of radicalisation by placing a marginalised young person on ‘stage’ and focusing on the narratives that have come to occupy so much of our public spaces.

Workshop leader: Adam Bethlenfalvy (InSite Drama) an actor-teacher who has worked with Theatre in Education companies in Hungary and the UK. Learn more about him and their projects:


Admission is free! However, seats are limited. Please register by sending an email to until February 27, Monday!