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Alumni Reception with President Ignatieff in NYC

Thursday, March 16, 2017, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

CEU alumni and friends are invited to a very special reception with President and Rector Michael Ignatieff on Thursday, March 16 at the Consulate General of Hungary in New York City. (RSVP below!) 

This exclusive free event is a fantastic opportunity for alumni to meet with their University's new president and hear his vision for the future of CEU and the state of open society in today's world. The event will also feature appearances by Hungarian Consul General (and CEU graduate) Ferenc Kumin (POLS '01), and Serge Sych (IRES '97, LEGS '99), CEU VP for Enrollment, Careers and Alumni Relations.

Speakers: Michael Ignatieff, Ferenc Kumin, Serge Sych
Date: Thursday, March 16
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Venue: Consulate General of Hungary
Address: 223 East 52nd Street NYC, 10022

6:30-7:00 Arrivals & registration
• Welcome by Ferenc Kumin
• Keynote by Michael Ignatieff
• Q&A and Networking Session w/Serge Sych
• Reception, refreshments

This promises to be a great evening in celebration of CEU's amazing alumni community. Want to go? PLEASE RSVP to Tunde by Friday, March 10. Also, check the Facebook event. 

Victoria Apostol (LEGS, 2014)
Nenad Apostoloski (BUSI, 2014)
James J. Baber (LEGS, 2015)
Zsolt Bóbis (LEGS, 2011)
Ylber Dauti (LEGS, 1999)
Peter J. DeBartolo (POLS, 2008)
Murphy Erin, Guest
Margaret C. Farmer (POLS, 2010)
Zsuzsanna M. Feher (SOCL, 2011)
László Fejös (DPP, 2012)
Neli P. Gavrilova (BUSI, 2014)
Ksenia O. Gorbenko (NATI, 2004)
Lorie R. Grushka (IRES, 2011)
Mladen Joksic (DPP, 2009)
Daniil E. Kabotyanski (HIST, 2015)
Nikola Y. Kovachev (BUSI, 2007)
Karolina N. Koziura (NATI, 2013)
Edward Krudy (HIST, 2004)
Gizella Lopusanszky (LEGS, 2000)
Emily R. Manz (IRES, 2011)
Philippe-Edner Marius (DPP, 2014)
Lannie D. Moore (BUSI, 2012)
Diana E. Moshak (BUSI, 2010)
Reyna Y. Moya-James (IRES, 2014)
Joseph B. Murray (SOCL, 2010)
Bhushan Neal, Guest
Christopher J. Nicholson (BUSI, 2010)
Aileen M. O' Donnell (DPP, 2009)
Wayne J. Pan (ENVS, 2009)
Guillaume Parodi, Guest
Angelina J. Pienczykowski (IRES, 2014)
Ilona Beatrice Polyak (BUSI, 2010)
Joshua M. Ratliff (IRES, 2015)
Elena V. Ryabova (POLS, 2002)
Eldar Sarajlic (POLS, 2014)
Irina A. Savinetskaya (MEDS, 2009)
Angelica Shamerina (ENVS, 1995)
Daria K. Shkurpela (HIST, 2000)
Jennifer Simpson (POLS, 2014)
Rodica Stoenescu (IMCE, )
Serge L. Sych (IRES, 1997)
Andrew Szabó, Guest
Ágnes Szanyi (SOCL, 2010)
Ildiko Szollosi (LEGS, 1996)
Gergely S. Sztankay (BUSI, 2015)
Zita V. Toth (MEDS, 2010)
Daniyar R. Tulendinov (BUSI, 2007)
Bryana Valverde-DeBartolo, Guest
Joseph R. Van der Naald (SOCL, 2016)
Iryna Y. Vushko (HIST, 2000)
Johannes Wagaye, Guest
Mariya Yefremova (LEGS, 2013)
Nicholas A. Zagaria (IRES, 2012)