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Semester-end Student Documentary Screening

Film Screening
The CEU Campus
Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 6:00 pm

Join us for this special screening of 11 short (5-10 min) student documentaries followed by a Q&A and reception with the filmmakers! This event builds on the great success of the standing-room only screening held last December.

The evening will feature the exceptional work of students from CEU’s Historical Narratives and the Moving Image course and its Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Filmmaking course. The event is also a celebration of the successful first year of courses offered through CEU Library’s Mirabaud Media Lab.  Many of the courses were conducted in partnership with the Visual Studies Platform at CEU and have been co-hosted by various departments across the university.

This event is co-hosted and co-sponsored by the CEU Library, the Visual Studies Platform, the History Department and the CEU Weekly.


Anyák by Mayya Kelova, Andrea Kóbor, Adina Tulegenova

"Anyák" ("Mothers" in Hungarian) is a story of two extraordinary women, who experienced the beauty and struggle of raising their Black kids in Hungary, as well as a reflection on identity and belonging.

Gaudiopolis: A Children’s Republic by Frederik Forrai Ørskov and Luisa von Richthofen

The film explores former Gaudiopolis citizens’ memories of a unique experiment in post-war Budapest.

Dunaújváros: Living a Socialist Modern by Ksenia Litvinenko and Damian Aleksiev

A movie exploring Dunaujvaros - the first socialist 'model town' in Hungary - from the perspective of both history and the actual life experiences of its residents.

Like Father Like Son: A story of two cameras by Benjamin Hayward and Vanessa Cambrelen

Framed as a discussion of his grandfather, a son and his father look through home movies and discuss memory and their relationships

Hungarian, but Chinese by Hilda Fleischer, Anders Yuk Pui Lam

A movie that focuses on the integration needs and aspects of the first and second generation Chinese immigrants living in Hungary.


Subjective Spirituality by Ethelred Tang and Jasmine Opie

An exploration of how a young Serbian Orthodox woman experiences and portrays her religion.

The Mask by Jelena Gajić and Agi Bornemissza

An ethnographic documentary on the mask makers of the Mohacsi Busojaras, the annual Buso carnival, who make traditional masks for the event.  The film explores the nature of authentic traditions through the example of this particular one.

Maria by Liza Havrylenko

This documentary uses stop-motion animation to tell the story of women living in the Chornobyl zone.

Waiting [2] Move by Karl Rivera and Hannah Ruth Manstetten

By following the tram line number 2 in Budapest from station to station, the film invites viewers to (re)experience the rhythms of movement and stability in urban city life.

2009: The Origin of the World by Greta Rauleac & Alesandra Tatić

This ethnographic documentary explores female sexual pleasure from the perspective of women who navigate into the male imaginary of sexuality.

Csipke by Sadie Luetmer and Astrea Pejovic

Csipke follows two best friends, Beatrix and Juli, as they perform two polar archetypes of modern femininity: the tough woman boxing with a trainer, and the bride-to-be choosing the perfect dress.