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Info Session for CEU Economics and Business Master’s Programs

University Life
The CEU Campus
Thursday, May 25, 2017, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm



N15 101


Is BigData the Future of Humanity, or is it Just Another Buzz?

Achilles Georgiu, Adjunct Lecturer of IT Management and Leadership, Program Director of MSc in Technology Management and Innovation, CEU

Many people believe that BigData is a buzzword, and it will not really change any of our businesses. Others believe that it will bring permanent changes in our life, and huge explosion of business opportunities. Is this a new phenomenon, or did we have BigData problems earlier in history? One thing is for sure: the simplicity of BigData is a puzzle of complexity, and this will be the Enigma of our presentation.

N15 101


Panel Discussion on the CEU Experience with current Students & Alumni

N15 101


CEU Department of Economics and Business Master’s Programs: Brief Facts

Agnes Schram, Manager of Admission and Recruitment

N15 101


Reception to Meet Current Master’s Students & Alumni

N15 101


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