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Making Families Great Again? Intersectional Perspectives on the Global Right’s Gendered Politics

The CEU Campus
Monday, May 29, 2017, 5:00 pm

The Central Eastern European region is quickly becoming a key player in the support of regional anti-gender movements and global right-wing politics. For example, the World Congress of Families and the International Organization for the Family, a large coalition of conservative organizations from around the globe, will host their annual conference in Budapest in late May under the theme “BuildingFamily-Friendly Nations: Making Families Great Again.” Such developments require serious academic engagement and persistent multidisciplinary discussion. 

With our invited guests we will review the gendered and hetero-normative aspects of right-wing discourses on the family, the root causes of such discourses and policies, and their consequences for LGBTQ rights and reproductive justice. The panel will provide an overview of the geopolitical stakes in focusing on particular formations of the family, as well as on the support for LGBTQ equality and reproductive justice in the post-Cold War world order. We will take a closer look at the Hungarian context and the role of discourses on the family in local and regional politics. This discussion between scholars and activists offers an intersectional perspective on gendered discourses and politics in light of the globalized right-wing movements. 

The panelists include: 

Dr. Katja Kahlina, Marie Curie Fellow, University of Helsinki, Finland

Eszter Kováts, PhD Candidate, ELTE University, Hungary

Steven Allen, Campaign Director, Mental Disability Advocacy Centre, Hungary

Dániel Holländer, Spokesperson and Organizer at Budapest Pride, Hungary


dr. DOROTTYA RÉDAI, Visiting Lecturer, Gender Studies Department, CEU, Hungary

Please note that the event is open for CEU community and invited guests only,
and registration is mandatory.

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