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Welcome to Hungary!: Screening of 4 Short Documentaries Made by CEU Students

Arts & Entertainment
Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Are you interested in how CEU students see Hungary? We have selected some short (5-10 min) documentaries about Hungarian people, present and past as seen, recorded and narrated by CEU students. This screening showcases the exceptional work produced by CEU students in filmmaking courses. It also marks the completion of the first full year of documentary filmmaking courses offered through the Library’s Mirabaud Media Lab of CEU. Many of the courses are in partnership with the Visual Studies Platform, and are hosted by a wide range of departments across the university.

"Gaudiopolis: A Children’s Republic"
by Frederik Forrai Ørskov and Luisa von Richthofen
The film explores former Gaudiopolis citizens’ memories of a unique experiment in post-war Budapest.

"Dunaújváros: Living a Socialist Modern"
by Ksenia Litvinenko and Damian Aleksiev
A movie exploring Dunaujvaros - the first socialist 'model town' in Hungary - from the perspective of both history and the actual life experiences of its residents.

by Mayya Kelova, Andrea Kóbor, Adina Tulegenova
"Anyák" ("Mothers" in Hungarian) is a story of two extraordinary women, who experienced the beauty and struggle of raising their Black kids in Hungary, as well as a reflection on identity and belonging.

"Walking on the Sea Foam"
by Greta Rauleac & Alesandra Tatić
This ethnographic documentary explores female sexual pleasure from the perspective of women who navigate into the male imaginary of sexuality.

To be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and Jeremy Braverman media and visual education specialist