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On Women and Fiction, and Much More: (Re)reading A Room of One’s Own

The CEU Campus
Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 10:00 am

Virginia Woolf’s essay on women and writing is one of the landmarks of feminist literature, literary criticism, as well as feminist theory more generally. Woolf’s text speaks to us today as a historical document, as a critical analysis of the ways patriarchal system works to marginalize women in public sphere, as well as a program for women’s emancipation. The essay offers a precise picture of the position of educated women in British society in the early 20th century, emphasizing economic independence as a key factor in women’s emancipation. A particular humorous style with which the essay has been written makes it to be an engaging read as much as it is disturbingly lucid. In this workshop participants will have a chance to discuss the main points of Woolf’s essay, and to reflect critically on their current relevance, particularly from an intersectional point of view and in the contexts of globalized neo-liberal capitalism and of transnational feminisms.