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Migration Research Group (MiRG)

The CEU Campus
Thursday, September 21, 2017, 4:15 pm – 5:45 pm

Organizational meeting of the Migration Research Group at CEU

In this academic year, the Migration Research Group will continue organising events including CEU members and non-members, inviting people to present their migration-related papers, fostering cooperations with other research groups, NGOs and grassroots movements interested in mobility and migrants’ rights and organising public lectures and events.

The idea that MiRG promotes is one of collaboration between people and across disciplines - within and beyond CEU - so everyone is very much welcome, with her different perspective, ideas, suggestions in enriching our coming debates, events and meetings.

So please join in our upcoming meeting - we are looking forward to welcoming you back at the MiRG meetings next Thursday!

Elettra, Aiski & Jenna

The effect of restrictive immigration policies: the case of transitional arrangements (Magdalena Ulceluse)Abstract: I investigate the effect of restrictive immigration policies by taking the particular case of transitional arrangements implemented during the European Union enlargement rounds of 2004 and 2007. A number of authors have argued that instead of deterring immigration, the arrangements have changed the channels EU8 and EU2 migrants have chosen to enter the country of destination, by becoming self-employed. Self-employed individuals were not subjected to restrictions. Our results suggest that EU2 migrants have indeed turned to self-employment as a way to circumvent the restrictions, and point to a substitution effect in the case of EU8 migrants. The results have broader research and policy implications, revealing the importance of considering the effect immigration policies have in shaping the volume and skill composition of migrants, as well as their labour market trajectories and subsequent economic activities.