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Politics as a Moral Problem (A politika mint erkölcsi probléma)

Book Launch
Friday, September 29, 2017, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Kalligram Publishing House and CEU Political Science Department

invite you

to the book launch of the revised edition of

A politika mint erkölcsi probléma(Politics as a Moral Problem)

by János Kis


Topics of the book will be discussed by the author with

Márton Gulyás (founder, Country for All Movement), and

Zoltán Miklósi (associate professor, CEU Political Science Department)


Dóra Ónody-Molnár, journalist

The language of the event is Hungarian.

The present crisis of liberal democracy is, to a large extent, a moral crisis. It is driven by significant segments of the electorate having lost their faith in the honesty, trustworthiness, and commitment to the sevice of the commod good of the political elites. These are empirical facts but they raise normative questions: do moral standards like these apply to political action at all? Is it correct to hold politicians accountable to them? „Realism” insists that moral norms and principles have no role in assessing political action. „Moralism” is said to hold that the usual moral criteria apply straightforwardly to politics. This book gestures towards a third position: politicians may be permitted to act with dirty hands – but this raises serious problems both to them and to their electorate.