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Old and New Engines: Shifting Power and Strategic Alternatives for EU and V4 after Brexit?

The CEU Campus
Monday, October 9, 2017, 9:30 am – 2:00 pm

The departure of the United Kingdom will not only profoundly alter the relations between London and Brussels, it will equally transform the relations amongst EU member states and the EU’s strategic environment. Thus, a key question is how Britain leaving the EU will affect the internal balance of power and which power shifts could result in the process and the EU’s strategic alternatives. Against the backdrop of Brexit, the EU is transforming and seeking to address key challenges like the refugee crisis, reforming the Eurozone or formulating a policy towards Russia. This conference seeks to evaluate the role of old and potentially new motors of European integration in this process. What will be the future formats that are most likely to shape the European Union and what does this mean for the future direction of EU policy?

Amidst these developments the role of the countries of Central Europe is evolving, as are their relations amongst each other. What do the emerging new cleavages within the European Union mean for the future role and position of the V4 in the new post-Brexit EU and for the future of the format as a whole in the European policies of its four member states?

Please find the detailed conference programme attached below.

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