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1917: Beyond Two Narratives

The CEU Campus
Thursday, October 12, 2017, 5:40 pm

 The first seminar of the "Soviet Kitchen" (Soviet Post-Soviet Research Group) will take place in Monument Building, Hanak (201), October 12th at 5.30 pm. The film screening will start at 6 pm.

 The Russian Revolution brought momentous changes to the 20th century. With 1991 in mind, the revolutionary events of 1917 are frequently judged by their outcome. We will present two accounts of the 1917 revolutions which were produced when the Soviet Experiment had not yet ended: One under the immediate impression of the February Revolution, the other produced more than ten years later in the Soviet Union. The first movie, "A Revolutionary" by Evgenii Bauer (April 1917), depicts the return of a revolutionary from his Siberian exile to a new Petrograd. The movie "October" by Sergei Eisenstein, produced in 1928, became a keystone in creating the myth of "Red October". The two movies show the transformation of power and the shift in ideas from February to October 1917, from the toppling of the tsar to the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Prof. Marsha Siefert has kindly accepted to give some introductory remarks. After showing scenes from the two movies, we will be discussing the different types of narrativization of the two revolutions together. We look forward to seeing all of you!