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Comparative Perspectives on Transgender Identity Laws

Monday, November 20, 2017, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

In commemoration of Transgender Day of Remembrance, Human RightS Initiative (HRSI) is pleased to invite you to our round table discussion:


What have we accomplished? What are the challenges? 

Five participants will present the current situation in different countries regarding the transgender population's access to legal gender recognition, hormonal therapy and/or gender confirmation surgery, and discuss how legislation has impacted transgender population's quality of life. Topics such as difficulties in access to healthcare and the job market will be discussed, as well as the overt violence that trans people face in the shape of police brutality and hate crimes.

Ana Belén Amil | CEU Gender Studies MA 2017 | Argentina

Otgonbaatar Tsedendemberel | CEU Gender Studies MA candidate | Mongolia

Stella Andrada Kasdovasili | CEU Gender Studies MA candidate | Greece

Kruskaya Hidalgo Cordero | CEU Gender Studies MA candidate | Ecuador

Lauritz Guldal Einarsen | CEU Gender Studies MA candidate | Norway

 You are all very welcome to join us in this fruitful debate with your ideas, questions, and experiences from your region.