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Politics, Capitalism and Nationalism: The Grand Coalition of Female Exclusion

The CEU Campus
Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 1:30 pm

This lecture seeks to address growing public discourse on the issue of nationalism and patriotism and interrogate how, as political agencies, both the concepts defy any intelligible truth and grounding in concrete terms. The event, in the course of its debate, seeks to discuss the exclusion and fragmentation of feminism, and the woman as image and as a subjective being, owing to the threat of contamination and derailment of the project of nation-building posed by woman.


Dr Ila Ahlawat is a postdoctoral Research Excellence Fellow at the Department of Gender Studies at CEU. She has research interests ranging from Gender and Sexuality studies to areas as varied as Digital Cultures and Economics. Prior to coming at CEU, she was teaching as Lecturer of English at AIIMS, New Delhi. She has an elaborate publication and teaching experience in the areas of gender and sexuality over the past 4 years or so. She is also soon going to have her book published in England on the themes of Lesbianism and Entrapment. On a postdoctoral level at CEU, she is pursuing the field of literary studies vis-à-vis media and technology and its ground-level understanding and implementation. 

The lecture is organized in cooperation with CEU’s South Asia Research Group (SARG).