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"Hate speech" and responses in Turkey

Thursday, December 7, 2017, 1:00 pm

This mini-conference hosted by CEU School of Public Policy and Rafto Foundation for Human Rights will provide an evaluation of the most prevalent forms of “hate speech” in Turkey and how these affect freedom of speech in correlation with other contributing factors. What countermeasures have been explored and how could the remaining space for free speech be defended in the near future? 

Place: CEU Auditorium A, Nador 15.


13:00: Welcoming Remarks Peter Molnar, Rafto laureate; Iver Orstavik, Rafto Foundation; Martin Kahanec CEU School of Public Policy

13:15: «A Panorama of Hate Speech in Turkey between 2009-2017» İdil Engindeniz, PhD and Researcher at Galatasaray University Faculty of Communication, advisor of Hrant Dink Foundation's Media Watch on “Hate Speech” project

13:45: «How the polarized political atmosphere in Turkey affects Islamic women's position in society» Didem Ünal Abaday, PhD and Junior Thyssen Fellow at Institute for Advanced Study CEU and City University of New York

14:00: «Shifts in discourse and policy on women in Turkey and responses of women’s movements under state emergency» Aslı Karaca, PhD Candidate at Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations, CEU

14:15: «Language and popular discrimination towards Romani people in Turkey» Adrian Marsh, PhD Researcher in Romani Studies, Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul

14:30: Roundtable discussion w/Rafto Laureate 1989 Peter Molnar Discussion among the speakers, with time for the audience to raise questions. 15:15: “Hate Speech” Monologues Short presentation of participatory theater performance as counter speech to “hate speech”

15:15: “Hate Speech” Monologues
Short presentation of participatory theater performance as counter speech to "hate speech"

The mini-conference is Part V of the The Rafto Foundation for Human Rights seminar series Damages of "Hate Speech" and Tools for Improved Responses. The seminar serie is part of The Rafto Free Speech to Overcome “Hate Speech” Program, initiated by Rafto Laureates 1989 Peter Molnar, 1997 Ian Hancock, and 2011 Frank Mugisha.

The Rafto Foundation thanks Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung (Germany/Hungary); Central European University (Hungary); Index On Censorship, Vivarta, and Free Word Centre (United Kingdom) for contributions to the series.