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Best of Friss Hus Short Films

Film Screening
Thursday, February 1, 2018, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

A special, best of screening of the Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival.

Symphony no. 42 (dir. Réka Bucsi, 2014, 10', animation)

The film applies an unconventional narrative. It presents a subjective world through 47 scenes. Small events, interlaced by associations, express the irrational coherence of our surroundings.

Superbia (dir. Luca Tóth, 2016, 15', animation)

The native people of the land of Superbia, where men and women form separate societies, face the changes sparked by the first equal couple in their history

Beautiful Figure / Szép alak (dir. Hajni Kis, 2016, 15')

A high-school cleaning lady falls in love with one of the female students in the school.

Earthly People / Földiek (dir. Ádám Freund, 2017, 27')

At the age of 12, Ábel has to face the fact that his parents are living in two completely different galaxies of the universe. Now he has to decide which one he belongs to.

The films will be subtitled in English. After the screening, there will be a discussion with producer Gábor Osváth and the directors of the shorts.

Admission is free! You are welcome!

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