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Strategic Narratives in Post Truth Environments: Stakeholder Perspectives

Panel Discussion
Friday, March 9, 2018, 11:15 am – 12:30 pm

The Center for Media, Data and Society and The School of Public Policy at CEU cordially invite you to a panel discussion on Strategic Narratives in Post Truth Environments: Stakeholder Perspectives

Eric Watnik
Public Affairs Officer, US Embassy Budapest

Gergő Schwajda
Editor in Chief, Magyar ATV

Lóránt Győri
Geopolitical Analyst, Political Capital Institute

In today’s complex information environment, a state’s ability to project a persuasive narrative about its strategic interests is at risk.  Challenges to narrative authenticity and impact include the spread of fake news, propaganda and disinformation campaigns, the erosion of public trust in state institutions and traditional media sources, and the evolving dynamic between information empowerment and information control. Governments create strategic narratives in the service of policy objectives.  Journalists frame and interpreted these narratives for the public.  Think tank analysts investigate the relationship between policy and media with a view to holding both accountable. Our three panelists will explore stakeholder and practitioner perspectives on these challenges.