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Careers in NGOs

The CEU Campus
Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Thousands of CEU graduates make a difference in NGOs around the world. Meet some of them on campus during a one-hour panel discussion organized together with CEU's Human RightS Initiative (HRSI) as part of the NGO Fair. Gain a deeper insight into how to search for job in the sector, what it means to work at a smaller local, or a big international NGO - essential skills, opportunities for professional development and also possible challenges. 


  • Marta Vetier (ENVS '07) is a global project leader and senior advisor to Greenpeace. She has been working in the NGO sector for nearly a decade: holding a wide range of positions at Greenpeace from European policy advisor in Brussels, through programme director in Hungary to strategy advisor at global level. Besides the NGO sector, Marta has also worked in the private and governmental sectors as well in Hungary and in the UK. Marta has an MSC in environmental sciences, policy and management (MESPOM) from CEU, degree certificate in landscape architecture from Corvinus University, and is currently working towards a PhD degree in environmental policy at CEU.
  • Aiski Ryökäs (SOCI '17) is a project manager at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee where she coordinates international projects in asylum protection, research and advocacy. Before that she worked at CEU's Open Learning Initiative, coordinating its Weekend Program and supporting the program's fundraising activities. Besides paid jobs, she has been involved in migration activism and volunteering for several years, and previously she worked in the field of culture in different institutes and festivals. She has an MA from sociology and social anthropology from CEU and her BA is a cultural management applied sciences degree.

  • Tímea Sófalvi (BUSI '15) 
    Timea has been working and leading NGOs and several non-profit projects for more than 20 years. She works as a trainer, coach and job counsellor. Currently, Timea runs a job club and job-seeker and enterprise development trainings, and provides personal career counselling for immigrants from the third countries at Jövőkerék Foundation. In addition, she is an active coach and trainer at BeeTree Expert Group, where she develops social enterprises. Her extensive experience comes from NGOs such as Egyesek Youth Association, Csoport-téka Association, Ability Park, Europalanta Association and many more.