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Screening and Discussion of Tülay German: Years of Fire and Cinders

Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Tülay German: Years of Fire and Cinders (2010) focuses on the legacy of influential singer Tülay German from Turkey in a time of social unrest in which her music became the launch pad of political activism. A vigorous and committed woman, German defied family and social expectations with her professional, political, and personal choices. Didem Pekün gives her fırst-person account of the artist as she explores the connections between art, politics, and identity with urgent and valid questions given the contemporary context. The film has been screened internationally, won awards and has been widely reviewed by international critics.

Didem Pekün’s work explores both artistic research and practice; conceptually it deals with the production of subjectivities within violent geographies, displacement, and the different forms they take on-screen. Her studio practice includes documentaries and video installations, have screened internationally and have received awards. She has attended numerous artist residencies including Delfina Foundation and Greenhouse and ZK/U Berlin. Didem is a founding member of Beyond Istanbul: Center for Spatial Justice (a cross-disciplinary, independent urban institute focused on issues of spatial justice in Istanbul and beyond). Following a BA (Hons) in Music at SOAS, and an MA on Documentary at Goldsmiths College, she holds a practice-based PhD in Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths. After being a full-time faculty member at Media and Visual Arts Department at Koç University, she is currently a Research Fellow at Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths and also visiting faculty member at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at CEU from May 2018 in affiliation with the Visual Studies Platform.

Jeremy Braverman, Media & Visual Education Specialist at CEU will also join the discussion.