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EU’s Global Strategy – Implications for Russia and geopolitics in Central Europe

The CEU Campus
Thursday, May 3, 2018, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

The year 2016 has been important for the development of the European Union’s external relations with the development of the European Global Strategy and the Defense Action Plan. The EU’s Global Strategy aims to define the strategic and foreign policy orientation of the EU’s external actions, with particular impact on the policies towards the Eastern Neighborhood. One of the priorities is resilience, which is based on the idea that by enhancing the neighborhoods’ resilience the EU bolsters its own resilience as well. Internal resilience is an important precondition for engaging with neighbors and partners. However, Russia is perceived as a threat and has not been given a place in cooperative orders. Yet, the perception of Russia in Central Europe is oscillating between ally and foe.  At the same time, the ongoing tensions in Central Europe call the internal coherence of the EU into question.

The conference is structured in two panels. The first discusses the opportunities and challenges that the European Global Strategy holds for Russia and scenarios of possible selective engagement of Brussels and Moscow.  The second panel assesses the room for maneuver Central Europe has within the EU and the role Russia plays in the region. The panels bring together policy stakeholders and analysts from the EU, Russia and Central European countries to facilitate debate and exchange of views.

You can find the list of our distinguished speakers in the programme attached.

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