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Dehumanizing the Other: Responding to Islamophobic, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Roma Anti-Refugee Speech

Photo courtesy of Anna Voros.
Monday, June 4, 2018, 5:00 pm – Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 6:00 pm

Please find the preliminary program below. Please support our endeavor by sharing the link to this event page or the Facebook event. This conference is hosted by CEU and the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights. It will be livestreamed at

June 4, Monday, CEU

CEU Auditorium A, Nador utca 15

17:00 Welcoming Remarks

* Michael Ignatieff (President and Rector, CEU)

* Balazs Trencsényi (Head of the Department of History, CEU)

* Iver Ørstavik (Senior Advisor, Rafto Foundation for Human Rights)

* Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt (Executive Director, Rafto Foundation for Human Rights)

* Peter Molnár (Rafto Laureate, CEU, Radio Tilos)

17:15 Opening Keynote

Kenan Malik (British writer, lecturer and broadcaster) Looking Closer to Home: How Mainstream Politics Paved the Way for the Demonization of Migrants

Chair: Peter Molnar (Rafto Laureate, CEU, Radio Tilos)

18:45 “Hate Speech” Monologues Performance, featuring Kristof Horvath (former slam poetry champion of Hungary, founder of Knowledge is Power), Sean Manion (Researcher, Dangerous Speech Project), Peter Molnar

June 5, Tuesday, CEU

CEU Auditorium A, Nador utca 15

10:30 Dehumanizing the Other in Historical Perspectives - I

* Francisca de Haan (Professor of Gender Studies and History, CEU): For Women’s Rights and Peace, Against War and Fascism: The Life and Legacy of Rosa Manus (1881 - 1942)

* Prem Kumar Rajaram (Head of the CEU Open Learning Initiative, Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology CEU): Dehumanisation in the 19th-Century Colonies and Its Current Resonances in Europe

* Iyad El Baghdadi: (writer, entrepreneur, activist, Fellow at Norwegian Think-Tank Civita): “Narratives of otherization, both individual (radicalization) and collective (populism)”

* Leo Lucassen (Director, Research of the International Institute of Social History and Professor of Social History at Leiden University): Why Panic? Explaining the Extreme Reactions to the 'Refugee Crisis' from a Long-Term Perspective

Chair: Istvan Rev (Director, OSA, Professor at CEU Department of History)

CEU Auditorium B, Nador utca 15

12:15 “Hate Speech” against Civil Society Organizations

* Eduard Nazarski (Director, Amnesty International Netherlands): Us Versus Them

* Stefania Kapronczay (Executive Director. Hungarian Civil Liberties Union): Pushing back hateful messages: An opportunity to reinforce human rights values

* Orsolya Reich (Advocacy Officer, Civil Liberties Union for Europe): Legitimacy, Hate and Foreign Funding?

* John O'Sullivan (President, Danube Institute): Hatred, Hate and Hate Speech

Chair: Martin Kahanec (Dean, CEU School of Public Policy)

13:45 Lunch break

CEU Auditorium B, Nador utca 15

15:00 Remapping Hate Speech: Has Central and/or Eastern Europe Caught up with Western Europe?

* Monika Bobako (Poznan University): Islamophobia as a Technology of Power. The Case of the Anti-Refugee Discourse in Poland

* Nick Thorpe (BBC Central Europe Correspondent) What is hate speech, and what is not, and why does it matter?

* Peter Kreko (Director, Political Capital Institute, Assistant Professor, ELTE): Fake news and conspiracy theories as vehicles of hate speech

* Vera Messing, Bence Sagvari (Center for Social Science, HAS and Center for Policy Studies, CEU)

* Dmitry Dubrovsky (Center of Independent Social Research, European University at St. Petersburg): From the Mentally Ill to the Morally Perversive: the USSR Legacy of Anti-Dissent Propaganda in Current Russian media

* Valencia James (Performing artist, researcher): My Decolonisation Journey: Dismantling Stereotypes Through Art

Chair: Martin Kahanec (Dean SPP, CEU)

June 5, Tuesday, CEU, Auditorium A, Nador street 15, 17:30

Rethinking Open Society Lecture by Professor Janos Kis, "The Puzzle of ’Illiberal Democracy’"A leading member of the democratic opposition in the ‘70s and ’80s, co-founder and Chairman until 1991 of the Alliance of Free Democrats, Kis is now Professor of political science and philosophy at CEU.Participants are invited to attend this closely connected lecture although it is not part of the conference. Registration is required here.

June 6, Wednesday, CEU

CEU, Oktober 6. street 7, Oktober Hall

10:30 How Dangerous is Dehumanizing Speech?

* Kenan Malik (British writer, lecturer and broadcaster)

* Michael J. Horowitz (Director of Hudson Institute's Project for Civil Justice Reform and Project for International Religious Liberty): Does Europe Need a First Amendment?

* Sean Manion (Researcher, Dangerous Speech Project): Nativism and Foreigners: Dangerous Speech Deployed

* Peter Molnár (Rafto Laureate, CEU, Radio Tilos): Dehumanization and Imminent Danger

Chair: TBA

CEU, Oktober Hall, Oktober 6. street 7

12:15 Dehumanizing the Other in Historical Perspectives - II

* Maria Kronfeldner, Professor (Department of Philosophy, CEU): What is Dehumanization?

* Stefania Kulaeva (Executive Director, Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial): Minorities facing hate: vulnerability and self-exclusion

Chair: Balazs Trencsényi (Head of Department of History, CEU)

13:45 Lunch break

CEU, Oktober Hall, Oktober 6. street 7

15:00 No Limits for Dehumanizing Speech?

* Henriett Dinók (Director, Romaversitas): The Framing of Hate: Hungarian Political Discourse about Anti-Semitism and Anti-Gypsyism at the time of anti-migrant campaign

* Dezso Mate (Doctoral Researcher at University of ELTE): Roma LGBTQ intersectionality and social distances

* Peter Mancina (Independent Scholar): Confronting dehumanizing speech against immigrants and refugees through local government policy advocacy: Lessons for Central Europe from sanctuary jurisdictions in the United States

* Daniel Monterescu (Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, CEU): Antisemitism and Jewish Responses to the "Refugee Crisis"

Chair: Krisztina Bombera (News anchor for ATV)

17:00 Closing Discussion

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