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Roma Graduate Preparation Student Presentations 2017-2018

Monday, June 18, 2018, 1:00 pm – Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 5:00 pm

The Romani Studies Program (RSP) cordially invites you toRoma Graduate Preparation Program Student Presentations 2017-2018June 18-19 2018 Central European University, Budapest, Nador utca 15,  Room 103

Please register here by June 16, 2018.

The conference marks the culmination of a full year of hard work and study for the RGPP students who will have the opportunity to present their final research papers in a real conference setting.

The annual conference features prominent activists and scholars, this year the conference will open with a keynote speech, delivered by Senada Sali, Lawyer of the European Roma Rights Center and RGPP/CEU Alumna.

The audience will include RSP students, CEU faculty, alumni and alumnae, tutors, teachers, program donors, friends of the program and invited guests whom we encourage to participate in an academic discussion on the presentations.

Students' Presentations

  • Burdusel Bogdan: The Influence of Race Theories on Roma Holocaust Policies and Laws in Pre-Nazi Germany 
  • Csikos Marina: Searching for Roma Woman Voice in Writing 
  • Dumitru Maria: Official Recognition of Romani Enslavement in Romania    
  • Flora Roman: 
  • Gavrani Mimoza: The Impact of Political Noninvolvement on the Economic Position of Roma Women in Kosovo 
  • Geangos Gabriela: Educational Policies and Programs for Roma as Effects of Both EU Accession Process and Roma Movement in Romania 
  • Kayacik Aytac: Cis-Hetero-Centric Bisexual Masculinity in Turkish Society 
  • Kostic Igor: Beliefs, Attitudes, and Practices: HIV Sexual Risk Vulnerabilities of Romani Communities in Romania and Ukraine 
  • Majko Ina: Environmental Knowledge within the Roma Community in Albania 
  • Mižigar Michal: Music Making as a Survival Skill for Roma People 
  • Pocsai Bettina: Reconstructing the Perspective of Romani Women: The Golden Ribbon Award and the Roma Body Politics Exhibition 
  • Ruiz Molina Fernando: The Roma Community as a European Community: Sui Generis Approach to the Recognition as a Legal Entity in the EU Framework 
  • Veizi Albi: Economics of Education 
  • Zimenko Roman: How Non-State Actors Can Undermine a State’s Sovereignty: The Case of UNESCO’s Involvement in Israeli-Palestinian Relations 

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