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Building Economies of Well-being Discovering Genuine Wealth and Happiness

Monday, October 8, 2018, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Mark AnielskiAuthor (An Economy of Well-being & The Economics of Happiness)
and Well-being Economist

Introduction: Dr. Laszlo Pinter, Professor and Head of Department, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy and Senior Fellow, International Institute for Sustainable Development

What if economic progress were focused and measured more in terms of improved well-being conditions of people and Nature? What if our accounting systems particularly for governments included an account of the human, social, natural and built assets of a nation, like Hungary or a city like Budapest? Does more money buy genuine happiness? How would we orient public policies, asset management systems, budgets, and monetary policies towards a new well-being-bottom-line? Join visiting Canadian economist and author Mark Anielski to explore how a new paradigm in economics is emerging around the world that measures what matters most to human flourishing and well-being.

Mark Anielski is an economic strategist who specializes in the economics of well-being. He is schooled in economics, accounting and forestry. Mark believes that our measures of success should be focused on maximizing the well-being of people and the planet. He is the author of The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth (2007) and his forthcoming book An Economy of Well-being (2018), which provides a road map for this new economy of well- being. Mark has served as an economic advisor to China, Singapore, French Polynesia, Bhutan, The Netherlands, Austria , the US, Canada and the Netherlands on new systems for measuring progress and well-being. Mark is the president and chief well-being officer of Anielski Management Inc. an Edmonton-Canada-based economic advisory services group dedicated to building the new economy of well-being.