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E.T. - Enterprise Technology Meetup - An Introduction on RPA and Chatbots with Real-Life Examples

Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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If you’re hearing terms like digital workforce, software robot, chatbot, virtual agent and automation center of excellence, but aren’t sure what it all means, this session is for you. Assist to learn about the advantages of automation with RPA and chatbots, real-life robotic process automation use cases, and common RPA/chatbot terminology.

The MeetUp will contain two sessions.

The first RPA session dives into topics like:
- What makes robotic process automation so popular
- Strategies for taking the first steps with RPA
- Avoiding common pitfalls when getting started

In the second session you will hear about chatbots, digital assistant, virtual agents, further topics like:
- General considerations for solutions that depend on natural language
- Fundamental principles you want to follow in chatbot-design
- Technical considerations
- Data protection requirements
- How to improve chatbot skills

Join us to learn more about RPA and chatbots and how it can transform your business by automating your most repetitive, manual tasks.