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Friday, November 23, 2018, 4:00 pm

The professional services industry, including the legal services and public policy business, is undergoing a major transformation. This fundamental change stems from the current wave of tech revolution, a new corporate culture, a change in the nature of law, the availability of Big Data and the change in the demand for such services. New entrants to these markets bite out bigger and bigger slices out of the industry’s cake. What makes these new companies successful? What changes can we expect in the legal and public policy markets? What are the new trends?

Miklós Orbán is a lawyer and founding partner of OPL Law Firm, which provides top quality CEE legal services to multinational companies operating in the region. He is also a founder and Chairman of Explico, a Budapest- and Brussels-based independent public policy and corporate diplomacy boutique with particular expertise in political risk management in CEE and the EU. Qualified in both Hungary and New York, Miklós’ innovative and ingenious approach to practicing law, as well as his robust expertise in the field, recently landed him a place in Hungary's Top 3 IT lawyers in the "Top 100 Hungarian Lawyers". His long track record in high quality public policy and complex regulatory advisory services let Miklós to found Explico in 2011 to provide such services in CEE to a client list that started with leading global telco companies and has since expanded to serve clients in a wide range of industries, from tech and ICT to agribusiness.