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Bake It, Make It Forward >>

University Life
Monday, November 26, 2018, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Giving back never tasted so good! During this year’s 6th annual Bake It Make It Forward (BIMIF) sale, alumni and students can strut their culinary skills, or other talents, in support of two great causes!

Participants can bring home-baked sweet or savory cakes, pies or cookies in exchange for charitable donations. (National signature pastries – burek, strudel, piroshky, etc. are encouraged, as are vegan and gluten free items.) Participants can also offer their many skills – laptop repair, hair styling, etc. etc. - in exchange. Want to offer goodies and/or skills? REGISTER TODAY

Baked goods and skills will be offered in return for a suggested donation to either the CEU Alumni Campaign, which supports student scholarships, or the InDaHouse charity, which supports disadvantaged persons living in the northern Hungarian village of Perre.

Kicking off CEU's second annual Philanthropy Week, BIMIF will be held throughout campus, as the Nador u 9 Octagon, Nador 13 lobby and Nador 15 cafeteria. Don’t miss it!