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Agroecology Nights II: Seed Sovereignty and Seed Exchange (Movie/Debate/Seed swap)

Film Screening
Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 5:30 pm

Seeds are the very base of our food system, and therefore our whole culture. Those who control the seeds, control (almost) everything. 

Join us for the Agroecology Nights event-series and get inspired by discussions with guest speakers active in alternative agricultural systems as farmers, consumers’ associations, researchers, academics, and civil society organizations.

In the second event on January 16th, we will watch a short documentary (Seeds of Freedom - 30 mins) on seeds narrated by Jeremy Irons, and then we will have a super interesting talk with our guest speakers and public.

This time our guest speakers will be:
- Judit Fehér from Magház (
- Ádám Fülöp from Pipacs Pékség (
- Raluca Dan from Ecoruralis (
- Guntra Aistara from CEU (

The debate will be followed by a seed swapping, so bring some seeds!

See also our related event, Dynamic Diversity in Organic Farming Systems on January 15th!

Film trailer:

Video of Seeds of Freedom

Agroecology Nights are co-organised by Védegylet (Protect the Future Association) and the Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU and feature 4 events from November to March.