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From Darfur to Jordan, life of refugees between political deals and solidarity movements

Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

In December 2015, the Jordanian government arrested and later refouled a large number of Sudanese asylum seekers, primarily from Darfur. The news shocked many in the Jordanian capital. It seemed out of character for the country which is known to welcome refugees to take such a severe step in violation of human rights. Based on experience with the Darfuri community in Amman, in this session, we will discuss some of the potential reasons behind this decision. Looking at the different political and investment deals between the Sudanese and other Arab countries, humanitarian aid distribution and prioritization and the concepts of deservingness, we will interrogate potential motivations. Finally, we will conclude with a discussion on the importance of informal networks of solidarity and support in the face of these policies.

Taraf Abu Hamdan is a Public Policy PhD student at CEU where her research focuses on climate change, migration and conflict, looking at how communities cope with these risks. With a background in environmental sciences and policy, she brings a practical focus to research, basing her work around current climate issues to find practical solutions to them. Taraf has been involved in grassroots community activities at different capacities. She was engaged in the relief and advocacy efforts following the December 2015 refoulment of Darfuri refugees from Jordan and remains active within the community.