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Job Search Strategies Starter Kit Session/Career Camp

Monday, February 18, 2019, 12:50 pm – 1:30 pm


About / An effective job search requires a whole lot more than simply applying to vacancies you find online, although most job seekers limit their search to submitting applications for open positions they come across while browsing online portals.

Join us for a short session to learn about:

  • How to plan and conduct an effective job search
  • How to explore the hidden job market
  • How to build in the speculative/open application approach when appropriate
  • How to use networking/social media for  your job search
  • Resources and tools provided by the CEU Career Services Office

Hope to see many of you there! 

CEU Career Camp is a series of career development programs designed to kickstart your progress towards your career goals. Sessions focus on the most pressing questions and topics that you may face. From longer workshops that cover a specific topic in depth, to “grab and go” style lunch break info sessions, there is something for everyone.
Date: 18-22 February, 2019