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“Career Networking: Where to Find People You Can Learn From?” Info Session/Career Camp

Wednesday, February 20, 2019, 12:50 pm – 1:30 pm

CEU students are kindly invited to join the ”Career Networking: Where to Find People You Can Learn From?” Info Session during CEU's Career Camp. 

When exploring career directions, moving to a different country, looking to learn more about a particular field or applying to an organization, connections can be a great source of information, mentorship and, if you are lucky, serve as a fast-track referral route into to your dream job. 

This brief session during the lunch break will outline a few sources participants can use to identify career connections (CEU alumni, former classmates, employees of dream organizations, etc.). Practical ways to initiate first contact online and sample messages recommended by the CEU Career Services Office will be also discussed.

Connected Career Camp programs:
An updated LinkedIn profile  and some practice would make it easier for you to connect online with alumni and not only. As the first contact request is usually brief, it is recommended that participants learn how to formulate an Elevator Pitch. Informational Interview practice is recommended for making sure the time you spend with your new connection is effective and efficient for both of you.

CEU Career Camp is a series of career development programs designed to kickstart your progress towards your career goals. Sessions focus on the most pressing questions and topics that you may face. From longer workshops that cover a specific topic in depth, to “grab and go” style lunch break info sessions, there is something for everyone.
Date: 18-22 February, 2019