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Coffe Beats: Násfa Band

Thursday, February 21, 2019, 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm

Kitti Juhász: voice, zither, cobza;
Emese Nyéky: flutes, kaval;
Réka Soós: voice, violin, gardon

What is "násfa"? "A golden gemmy jewel worn as a necklace."
Today's man does not really know the meaning of násfa anymore and also as jewel went out of fashion as there is bigger demand for shiny, but cheap fakes.
Her it is used as a value: a creation that is finely wrought, that delights.

It is not by chance that members of Násfa Band chose this name either. The aim of the three young folk musicians who earned their degrees from the Hungarian Music Academy is to inspire awe and marvel at the pure beauty of music wrought by our ancestors, just we do at a beautiful gemmy jewel.
Jus as sunshine can glint in many different ways on a necklace, the band's repertoire can show us this value, the authentic Hungarian folk music received as heritage from Somogy to Moldva.

At this album release they will mostly play music from Moldva and Gyimes.

Entrance to the event is free!